Computable Genomix
Legal Notices
National Library of Medicine / MEDLINE notice:

Unless otherwise prohibited, organizations or institutions may download small amounts of NLM-produced citations for redistribution. For MEDLINE, this is about 1,000 per month or 12,000 records for each year of coverage. For other MEDLARS databases, it is approximately 25% of the records in the file except for AIDSLINEŽ, AIDSTRIALS, and AIDSDRUGS which may be downloaded in their entirety. Since NLM makes corrections and enhancements to and performs maintenance on these records at least annually, you should plan to replace or correct the records once a year to ensure that they are still correct and searchable as a group.

NLM databases are produced by a U.S. government agency and as such the contents are not covered by copyright domestically. They may be copyrighted outside the U.S. Some NLM produced data is from copyrighted publications of the respective copyright claimants. Users of the NLM databases are solely responsible for compliance with any copyright restrictions and are referred to the publication data appearing in the bibliographic citations, as well as to the copyright notices appearing in the original publications, all of which are incorporated by reference. Users should consult legal counsel before using NLM-produced records to be certain that their plans are in compliance with appropriate laws.

All records must be identified as being derived from NLM databases.

University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF) General Text Parser (GTP) notice:

Portions of our product use General Text Parser authored by Michael Berry, Stefan Howard, Haibin Tang, Justin Giles, Kevin Heinrich, and Kim Buckner. Copyright 2002 The University of Tennessee Research Foundation. All rights reserved.

University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF) Semantic Gene Organizer (SGO) notice:

Portions of our product use Semantic Gene Organizer authored by Michael Berry, Ramin Homayouni, Lai Wei, and Kevin Heinrich, Copyright 2004 The University of Tennessee Research Foundation. All rights reserved.

Portions of the tree-building software use the FastME algorithm (used with permission):

Fast and accurate phylogeny reconstruction algorithms based on the minimum-evolution principle. Desper R., Gascuel O. 2002. Journal of Computational Biology. 9(5):687-705.

The tree viewing module was derived from PhyloWidget (

PhyloWidget: web-based visualization for the tree of life. Jordan G.E., Piel W.H. 2008. Bioinformatics. 24:1641-1642.